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標題有點聳動,其實只是小事ㄧ樁。前幾天寒流來襲,合歡山難得下起雪來,有些台灣民眾特地前去玩雪。版主看到報紙的照片,覺得雪量沒有多到可以堆雪人,頂多打打雪仗而已。下雪這件事在美國是見怪不怪,沒什麼大不了,昨天在 Yahoo!奇摩看到ㄧ則新聞:「謀殺」雪人  / 公車司機丟飯碗。版主覺得有趣,上網找了相關的英文報導,內容如下:

Bus driver loses job after flattening snowman

A bus driver in Champaign-Urbana has quit after officials with the transit agency saw an online video of the driver running over a snowman in the middle of a street.

The video is posted on YouTube. It shows the bus veering toward the snowman on the University of Illinois campus and running over it.

The video was posted after a snowstorm earlier this month and shows only one other vehicle on the street at the time. That car steered around the snowman moments before the bus hit it. It isn’t clear who built the snowman or shot the video.

Champaign-Urbana Mass Transit District spokeswoman Jan Kijowski said the driver has resigned. She refused to identify the driver or discuss the resignation.

— Associated Press

(source) http://www.chicagobreakingnews.com/2010/12/bus-driver-loses-job-after-flattening-snowman.html


放在 Youtube 的影片顯示有位公車司機毫不猶豫,對準路中間的雪人迎面衝撞,結果他卻因為這項舉動而丟飯碗,真是有點不值。網際網路發達,某個不起眼的影片可能會徹底改變某個人的ㄧ生。


* veer toward = 朝某個方向駛去

* veer off the road = 駛離道路

* steer around = 繞過

* fatten the snowman / run over the snowman / hit the snowman = 撞上 (剷平) 雪人

* build a snowman = 堆雪人



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