英文片語 “Have someone up in arms” 是什麼意思?
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版主今天要說明一個英文用法 – have someone up in arms。光看字面真的是猜不出它所代表的意思。英文有許多這樣的用法,即便英文高手碰到這類由簡單單字組成、卻表示其他意思的片語也會摸不著頭緒。




Don’t be alarmed.

But as you sit here reading this note, in your comfy chair in your home or office.

At the same time, somewhere inside the walls of a Maximum Security Prison (called a SuperMax)…
…is what they call the S.H.U. (Secure Housing Unit pronounced shoe)…

The S.H.U. is THE highest security unit within the SuperMax, and it’s where they house the ‘WORST OF THE WORST CRIMINALS’.
Among the murderers, rapists and terrorists also resides a particularly devious and cunning criminal.
…ruthless GANG LEADERS…

Recently there have been numerous news reports about how gang leaders have prison officials up in arms because they can NOT stop their criminal activities even WITHIN
the walls of the S.H.U.

For example:
On Sept. 1, 2010, a coalition of law enforcement agencies arrested 4 Nuestra Familia gang members for murder.
Where did the ‘hit orders’ come from?
From within a SHU!
But how?
How do they communicate?
How do these gang leader maintain their hierarchy from within cells where no communication is supposed to be remotely possible?



be up in arms: to be very angry and make a great protest (about something) (非常生氣)

** He is up in arms about the decision to close the road.

** The basketball fans were up in arms when their team got an unfair penalty in the last few minutes of the game.

A: How are you doing? (你怎麼樣啊?)
B: I’m up in arms! (我現在很火大。)
A: Why? (為什麼?)
B: I tried to get a ticket to go see my favorite artist, but the concert is sold out.





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