英文片語 “have sb by the short hairs” 是什麼意思?
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I want to make YOU- UNSTOPPABLE!

I’m thinking my job won’t too awful hard as I am assuming you are NOT locked up in a S.H.U. inside a SuperMax prison?

(If the above made zero sense to you, please see my previous note to you.)

I mean…

I am assuming that whatever your goal is, it may be somewhat easier to obtain than circumventing a BILLION DOLLAR security system with nothing
more than your prison issue skivvies, uniform, sink, toilet and some raspy T.P.?

By the time I’m done with ya…

If you have access to email you’re going to feel like you’ve got the world by the short hairs.

You and I’ve got a lot to cover to get to that point so let’s get our dance on.


網友看到綠色的那一段文字嗎 ‘you’ve got the world by the short hairs’?

根據文法結構,by 的意思是 through the means of sth/doing sth (藉由(做)某件事的方式…) ,所以你是用 “the short hairs” 掌控全世界。問題是,到底 the short hairs 是什麼呢?


Under one’s complete control. This expression is often used with get or have, as in She had her husband by the short hairs.

It is in effect a euphemism for have someone by the balls, the hairs in question being pubic hair.

原來如此,have (get) sb/sth by the short hairs 就是「完全掌控某人或某事」。Short hairs 就是「陰毛」(pubic hair) 的委婉說法,用來影射睪丸 (balls)。可想而知,當你抓住男人的重要部位時,他豈能不乖乖束手就範、任你宰割。


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