英文電子郵件範例解說 (4)
撰文者: Wayne 發表日期: March 24, 2009 – 1:21 pm



Hey Wayne,

I just got back from a short family vacation with my wife and daughter to her grandparents’ home in Florida and returned home late last night.

While I was gone, I got an email from an internet marketer that is a bit of an “underground” marketer, earning over 1 million bucks online each year, yet not many have a clue how he does it.

I know, because I’ve watched his business get bigger and bigger every year, and met him at an offline event in San Francisco last year.

To be honest, his “secret” really isn’t that difficult for others to mirror, and that’s why I wanted to tell you about this new course he just released to teach people this strategy that not very many people online do. I only know of a couple.

And because I know him, I asked him if he could give you a nice discount off of what was already a stupidly low price to begin with.

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Anyway, go here to get the 42% discount I managed to get for you:

You can read about exactly what his strategy is, and how inexpensive it is, especially with the big discount I was able to get.

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But, please make sure you go there now. To be fair to him, he cannot leave this special discount link up for long.


Brad Callen
Bryxen Software, Inc.



1. just = 剛剛。請注意第一句話,英文用介係詞來連接句子。這是中英文的差異之ㄧ,詳見『中文與英文的差異』。

2. while = 當…。 這裡 “while” 不可以替換為 “When”。版主日後會詳細解說這點。

3. that = who (關係代名詞)。根據版主多年的觀察,許多老美已經習於用 “that” 來替代 “who”,但目前這還無法納入正統文法。

4. S + V…., Ving…. => 這種常見的句型層出不窮,網友務必多加練習,可以用來精簡句子。

5. not have a clue =  (口語) not know anything about sth; not know how to do sth 一無所知;不知所措

6. offline = 這裡是只現實世界,與 “online” (網路虛擬世界) 相對比。

7. To be honest = 老實說 (承轉語詞)

8. mirror = copy = duplicate =複製 (動詞)

9. that’s why = 說明理由

10. wanted =>並非過去式,乃是英語特有的客氣用法。版主日後會詳細解說這點。

11. know of = 知道 (網友請多多模倣,通常我們都會剌掉 of)

12. give you a nice discount off of = 給折扣  (這裡的 “of ” 可以省略)

13. to begin with = 首先 (有時用於句末)

14. buck = (口語) dollar

15. get access to = 神奇的 access 又來了,詳見『英文單字 “Access” 該如何使用?』。

16. self-made = 靠個人奮鬥而成功的 (become successful and rich by one’s own efforts)

17. responsible for = contribute to 造成;對某件事起促成作用 (help to cause sth)

18. bring in = obtain

19. Anyway = 無論如何 (承轉語詞)

20. manage to = be able to  (過去某個時間) 成功辦到某事。這是英文學習的重點之ㄧ,詳見『英文文法專題討論 (2)』。

21. leave sth up  = 保留著…

22. enjoy! 信件最後的問候語,其他常見的還包括:To your success / Keep up the good work


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