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版主上當了! 俗諺有云:「人心不足蛇吞象。」不貪財是版主要從頭學習的課題。從事網路事業多年,滿腦子想賺錢,結果不幸誤入陷阱。寫這篇文章,目的是要告誡自己以及其他想從事網路生意的人,要留意無所不在的陷阱。

Karl Green, founder of RIOY (Retire In One Year), betrayed my trust in him. And, guess what, I just got an e-mail from him where he was trying to sell me another quick-cash program. I don’t know how he dares do this again after he screwed up and closed RIOY without the knowledge of the members. So, for anyone who really wants to make decent money online, make sure you don’t fall into the trap of those scams like RIOY that only give promises but can’t deliver. Take it from me – Watch out for Karl Green and stay away from the programs he’s promoting.

While I was a member of RIOY, Karl Green and other RIOY guys regularly changed the paramters of the programs they worked with, making it almost impossible to promote RIOY and its affiliated programs. Karl Green constantly dropped the programs that didn’t work and made another claim over and over again. There have never been any previous warnings of those changes he made.

I made deposits to join Karl Green’s programs, but he closed the doors on RIOY out of the blue. When I demanded a refund for the cancelled programs, I was told that I must accept a small payment spread out over 36 months. I only received one payment, however, before Karl Green said he was not able to make further payments because his account was freezed for some reason out of his control.

To be honest, I didn’t buy his story. But I wasn’t mad at him at that time. Why? you may ask. Becasue I was responsible for ending up in an awkward situation like this. My greed put me in this dilemma, and there was nothing more I could do. I could only pray that Karl Green would refund my investments as he had promised (another promise again!).

I fell into the trap of trusting people I’ve never met before. And it looked very foolish on my part. Karl Green never delivered and offered any written contract. So, be careful and think twice before you send him your hard earned money. When you money is sent, there’s no legal way for you to get it back or have a say in how it is used.

What I see the problem with Karl Green is that he never stayed with any program long enough to develop it. Hopping around from program to program would never create any success. The only way to make money online is to strengthen one’s skills and learn how to grow a stable business for the long term. We should do something we can really be proud of.

What I went through with RIOY is a nightmare to me, but I’m to blame for making this stupid mistake. I’m posting this so that other innocent online marketing newbies won’t be fooled or tricked by those so-called online marketing gurus who simply can’t deliver.

Thank you for stopping by.

Have a nice day!

Wayne Wu


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