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Goodbye to Our Team of Translators

Dear All:

Today is my last working day which ends my 15 years of service in Alfled. I will join the club of retirees starting tomorrow.

It was good to have you being part of our team, your excellent service helped us deliver many quality products to our clients. I hope our paths will cross again in the future.

Please drop me a line every now and then to keep in touch. My personal email address is:  Kathylee@yahoo.com.tw

Wish you every success in your work.

Best Wishes,


Personnel Dept.


join the club …= 加入某某俱樂部


Welcome to the club of English => 歡迎加入英語俱樂部 (表示我們精通英文了)

因此,join the club of retirees 就表示:我要退休了!

deliver = 這個字表示「不負所託;履行諾言 (do what you’re expected to do ; provide or produce what people expect you to do)

Although they promised to finish the job by May, I am not sure whether they can deliver on that.

英文 deliver 這個字還有其他的意思詳細解說請參閱『英文單字 “deliver” 代表的意思為何?』。

It was good to have you being part of our team = 很高興你們能夠加入我的翻譯團隊。
這裡不能說: It is good to have you being part of our team,因為寫信的人要退休了,這件事情已經過去了

我們也可以改寫成: It was good to have you on our team of translators.

quality = 這個英文字在此處當作形容詞,表示「高品質的

drop me a line = 隨時給我寫短信或便條。

Drop me a line every now and then and let me know how you’re getting on.


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