英文電子郵件範例解說 (5)
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Hi Wayne,

Welcome to the Retire In One Year (RIOY) System and congratulations on a wise decision.

My name is Dixie Spencer and I am your RIOY System sponsor.

You can retire in one year because our RIOY System recruits for you. And the best news I can tell you is that the RIOY System NEVER fails. I assure you that if you stick with it you will reach your goal.

So what do you get when you join the RIOY System?

First, you get a system composed of three elements: RIOY Marketing, TrafficWave, and The Online Ad Network.

Second, you get a system that builds your business. That’s right. We build your business and all you have to do is watch it grow. This is the system that in its eighth month had ten of its members in TrafficWave’s (a company in its eighth year) Top 20 Earners List! Think about that! TrafficWave is in it’s eighth year and after eight months we own half of its top 20 earners.

The way the system works is that when our advertising results in someone signing up they are assigned to the next existing member in rotation.

You are added to the rotation once (一旦) you are active in RIOY Marketing, TrafficWave, and TOAN and you remain in the rotation as long as you remain active.  Should you go inactive for some reason you will be removed from the rotation. Please submit a support ticket as soon as you reactivate your account asking to put you back in the rotation.  You should be in profit by the end of your third or fourth month so it should be a very rare occasion that anyone goes inactive.

Third, you receive a monthly income guarantee. After twelve months you will be earning at least $4,000. You cannot fail!

Here’s to your success!

Karl Green, RIOY Founder

We have two conference calls every Tuesday night. They are at 8pm and 11pm Eastern time at 641-715-3300 with PIN code 1017393#. Please join us.



1. welcome to… (歡迎)/ congratulations on… (恭喜…) => 這些都是固定句型,網友一定要背起來多多運用。

2.sponsor = 贊助者,這是一種委婉的說法,說穿了,他就是我的上線 (upline member) 。

3. You can retire in one year. = 你一年後便可退休。
非也非也!”in” = after a maximum length of time (在一整段時間之後)。

The proposal will be ready in one week. (提案一個禮拜後會準備妥當。)

Mary learnt to drive in four weeks. (After four weeks she could drive.) (瑪莉用了四個星期學會開車。)

如果要表示在某段時間之內的意思,要改用 “within” (after not more than the specified period of time ) ,如下面的英文例句:
Give Tom a call if you don’t hear anything within seven days.

4. First / Second / Third = 承轉語詞 (Transitional words)。版主日後會詳細解說這一部份。

5. composed of = (that is) composed of 的省略用法,意思是:由… 所組成。另一種常用的說法是:consist of  / made up of

You get a system composed of three elements. = You get a system consists of three elements. =  You get a system made up of three elements.

6. build one’s business = 建立某人的事業

7. watch it grow = 看著你的事業持續成長。這裡的 “grow” 為原形動詞。

8. the way + 子句 => 這種句型非常好用,版主日後會詳細解說。

Some of my friends and I have a similar opinion regarding the way some toilets are designed here.

9. result in + sth/sb +Ving => 造成某種結果。

10. in rotation = 輪流;輪轉。

11. once = 一旦,不是「一次」的意思。

12. should you = 萬一 (可能性很低)  = If you should …

13.  submit a support ticket = 送出請求協助的要求信

14. ….. asking ….. => ㄧ個英文句子只能有一個動詞,因此 “ask” 要轉化成 “asking” 才能符合英文文法。

15. guarantee = 保證

16. will be earning => 未來進行式,表示你未來可以「持續」賺錢,版主日後會詳細解說這點。

17. 電子郵件、電話號碼之前都是用介係詞 “at”。

Any questions? Call me on my cell at 812-552-1111.
(你有任何問題嗎?請撥我的手機,號碼是 812-552-1111。)

題外話,這個公司 (RIOY) 已經倒閉,版主剛寫一篇文章,告誡人不可貪財,詳見『小心網路詐騙』。


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