英文單字 Remind 的誤用
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版主在公司上班時常收到同事轉寄的英文電子郵件,內容大多是討論公事,英文中常出現 remind 這個單字。可惜,有許多人弄不清楚這個字的正確用法,一用就錯誤,讓版主看得直搖頭。今天就來好好整理這個單字,希望對想學好英文的網友有所助益。

1. 朗文當代高級辭典
2. Practical English Usage by Michael Swan (Oxford)
3. 英語搭配大詞典 – 中央圖書出版社


網友可以在電子郵件的開頭使用這句英文 Just a quick reminder that… ,意思就是說你寫這封信只是要提醒大家某件事。

相似的說法包括:Just a note that…  / Just a quickie…/ Just wanted to drop you a quick line that… / Just a clarification that…



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** 實際範例請參照:『英文電子郵件範例解說 (34)』。


1. remind + 受詞 (object) + 不定式 (infinitive) => 說明行動 (actions):提醒對方去做他可能會忘記的事情

Please remind me to buy stamps.

2. remind + 受詞 (object) + about + 受詞 (object) => 提醒對方去某件他可能忘記的事情

Will you remind me about that appointment?

3. remind + that 子句 (that-clause) =>  說明事實 (facts)

I reminded him that we hadn’t got any petrol left.
(我提醒他我們汽油用完了。)  – 過去事件

I’ll just call Sylvia to remind her that we are meeting at 8.
(我要給西爾維雅打電話,提醒她我們在八點見面。) – 未來事件


1. remind + 受詞 (object) + of + 受詞 (object) => 讓人想起過去 (遺忘) 的事情

The smell of hay always reminds me of our old house in the country.

2. remind + 受詞 (object) + of + 受詞 (object) => 一種表達「相似」(similarities) 的說法

She reminds me of her mother.
這句話等同於 => She is like her mother. (她長得像她母親。)


remind 與 remember 的比較:remember 就是 remind 所要促成的結果

1. I’m afraid I won’t remember to pay the milkman. Remind me to pay him.

2. This sort of weather reminds me of my home.
= This sort of weather makes me remember my home.


3. 郵件最後常用這個句子 Remember me to your kids/parents (代我向你的小孩/父母問好) = Say hi to your kids/ parents for me


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