英文單字 See / Find 的奇特用法
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版主前陣子在英國《衛報》(The Guardian) 的網站讀到一則報導宏碁今年營運陷入困境的新聞,內容指出宏碁以往走低價路線,在個人電腦業界打下一片江山,如今卻不敵蘋果平板電腦 iPad 的競爭而陷入苦戰。同時,宏碁的執行長前些日子與公司股東對營運策略看法相左而離職,該公司甚至連續調降出貨量預測,種種打擊都讓宏碁前途堪慮。

版主在這段報導中發覺 ‘see’ 有個奇特用法,講解之前請網友先看《衛報》的報導內容:


Taiwan PC maker Acer reported a worse-than-expected quarterly loss, the first in the company’s history, as it paid to reorganise the firm in a troubled first half. Acer also said it would be impossible to break even for the full year.

Acer has been a dominant force in the PC business, particularly in the low-cost notebook market, but has failed to counter the runaway success of tablets such as Apple’s iPad.

The company has been refocusing on mobile devices to drive growth after a first half that saw the acrimonious departure of its chief executive following a row over the company’s strategy and a series of cuts to its shipment forecasts.

Shares of Acer, the world’s No 2 PC vendor, closed down 2.92% on Wednesday ahead of the earnings announcement.



照字面來看,上半年度 (the first half) 看到 (saw) 執行長因 1. 理念不和而 2. 公司連續調降出貨量預測而掛冠求去。

Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary 對 ‘See’ 提出下面的解釋:

1. Witness event – 看見某件事情發生

(not used in the progressive tenses) -> see sth = to be the time when an event happens (某件事情發生的時間) – 不用在進行式

Next year sees the centenary of Mahler’s death.  (明年是 Mahler 逝世一百週年。)


(not used in the progressive tenses) ->  see sth = to be the place where an event happens (某件事情發生的地點) – 不用在進行式

The stadium has seen many thrilling football games. (這個球場舉辦許多緊張刺激的足球賽事。)


英文單字 ‘Find’ 也有類似的用法。版主看過學校招生主任發給校友的信中寫著這麼一段話:


Hopefully you are still making plans to attend the upcoming alumni dinner in Taipei on Saturday, February 19th?

It would be wonderful to see you there, and to take this opportunity to meet and learn what your interests and needs are as alumni.

I look forward to seeing you at the reception (and for those alumni outside of Taipei, hopefully business or personal travel may find you there this weekend, and so able to attend?), and also visiting your beautiful country for the first time.




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