美式幽默:Dig Your Way to China?
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版主上禮拜在台北捷運國父紀念館站等車時,無意間看到電影 《FWB 好友萬萬睡》(Friends with Benefits) 的預告片,其中一幕是男女主角在床上翻雲覆雨前的對話,版主聽到一個有趣的說法,趁現在還有記憶,趕緊介紹一下。不過,講解之前,先請網友看這段對話的內容:


[as he’s trying to go down on her, she grabs his tongue and brings his head back up]
Jamie: What are you tryin’ to do? Dig your way to China?
Dylan: I’m good at this!
Jamie: Says who?
Dylan: Every girl I’ve been with!
Jamie: Well, they’re either lying or their vaginas are made out of burlaps. So, relax! You’re not a lizard.
Dylan: Okay, fine.




上面這段對白是說男主角 Dylan 在做愛前想幫女主角 Jamie 口交 (go down on her),不料 Jamie 根本不喜歡,劈頭就問他:你在幹嘛?想挖洞到中國去嗎? (What are you tryin’ to do? Dig your way to China?)


1. 美國人都知道中國人口很多,所以有一句話是:If hate were people, I would be China. (如果憤怒是人的話,那我就是中國了) – 你知道我有多憤怒嗎!

2. 美國很多小孩以為如果從美國挖洞穿過地球就會到中國去,因此衍生出 Dig your way to China? 的有趣說法。許多美國母親看到小孩在院子裡挖洞,常說這句話來責罵或者挖苦小孩。美國的對面是中國?!這簡直是一種以訛傳訛的錯誤觀念。



Digging To China

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In cartoons, characters will dig straight down (or are pounded straight down), and come out in China. Of course, everyone knows that you can’t dig that far, as most of the earth is molten iron. The title of the movie, The China Syndrome, was a joke that, during a nuclear meltdown, there was nothing to stop the hot uranium core of the reactor from melting through the earth to China. Actually, the core would stop fairly soon, when it hit ground water and caused a steam explosion. But, China is not straight down, from the United States. It is nowhere near.

Both China and the United States are in the northern hemisphere. Let us pretend that it is possible to dig all the way through the earth. Anyone who digs straight down through the earth, from the northern hemisphere, would have to come out in the southern hemisphere. Straight down, from anywhere in the continental United States, is in the Indian Ocean. That is not very helpful for cartoons.

Most of the land area of the world is directly opposite water on the other side of the world. The biggest exception is Argentina and Chile, which are opposite China! Ah, maybe those cartoons take place in Argentina.

See Jessamyn.com – Dig a hole through the earth.



Where do I end up if I dig straight down?

Q: What happens if you dig straight down?
A: You’ll pop out the other side of the world.

Q: What’s on the other side of the world?
A: Ummm… China!

Countless children (and adults) have wondered where they would end up if they started digging straight down (ignoring the material and methods). Now we have the answer! Most of the planet is covered in water, so most diggers will dig into some ocean or another. What little land there is is generally not opposite other land. Some of South America and Asia, for instance, are opposite each other, but most Americans will swim in the Indian Ocean.

Drag the map and the other map will show you where you end up. If you double click somewhere on the map it’ll zoom in to where you double-clicked. If you dig straight down from here:


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