夏甲與以實瑪利 (Hagar and Ishmael)

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When Hagar knew she was having Abram’s baby, she began to think of herself as very important and despised her mistress, Sarai. “She is so rude to me,” Sarai complained to Abram. “You are responsible for what I’m suffering…

亞伯蘭蒙召 (God Calls Abram)

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神與亞伯蘭立約 (God’s Covenant with Abram)

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Many years went by, and Abraham and Sarai still had no children. But God appeared to him and said, “Do not be afraid. You will have a son of your own. Look up at the sky and count the stars. That is how many decendants you will have. I am the God who brought you out of Ur…”

巴別塔 (The Tower of Babel)

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人們積極想要建造他們的新城市。人們說道:「我們將會有一個家園,不必再地上流離顛沛。而且,我們可以傳楊我們的名。」不幸的是,人的驕傲便是他們的敗落。當 神降臨查看世人建造的城市與高塔後,祂感到非常不悅…。

彩虹的約定 (A Rainbow of Promises)

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“Never again will I send a flood to destroy the world.”The rainbow is the sign of God’s promise never again to destroy all the living creatures on the earth by a flood. The word that the Bible uses for rainbow also means a “warbow”, symblozing God lowering his bow to declare peace…

挪亞建方舟 (Noah Builds the Great Ark)

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Seeing that people were becoming more and more wicked, God was grieved that he had made them. But there was one man, called Noah, who found favor in the eyes of God. “I am going to destroy all people, for the earth is filled with violence because of them.”

該隱殺死亞伯 (Cain Murdered Abel)

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獻祭來臨時,該隱獻上部份的作物,而且不夠虔誠。相反的,亞伯獻上頭生羊群中最好肉脂,顯示他對 神的最深且最衷心的信任。因此,神悅納亞伯的獻祭,卻不看中該隱的供物。這讓該隱非常生氣,面色凝重…。

亞當夏娃的墮落 (The Fall of Adam and Eve)

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《舊約》:創世紀 (Genesis)

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《舊約》首篇為 《創世紀》(Genesis) 。這是神六日創世,第七日安息的故事。